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We will market your book. Our marketing is done by direct mail. We send out virtually limitless numbers of books to relevant faculty. As you well know, when a publisher sends you a book, you will use it if it meets your needs. If your book continues to get adoptions, we will continue to send mailings. A lack of adoptions does not mean the book is poor. You the author are using it. It meets your needs. It simply means it is highly focused for your students, for the way you teach, and there is no better text for your classroom.

We do not have an army of campus reps marching down hallways and knocking on office doors. The books that are sold that way were first vetted by endless reviewers, massaged by a parade of editors, and backed by a six-figure development budget. That process produces oversized, overpriced textbooks that try to be all things for all courses.

We do not think that describes your book. We assume you wrote your book with a clear purpose in mind based on your experiences with your students. Such clearly focused books need the targeted marketing that we provide.