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Coursepacks & Lab Manuals

Coursepacks provided by Whittier upgrade the functionality of this time proven teaching tool. We paginate the coursepacks and create a table of contents so both you and your students are always on the same page. No more thumbing through a pile of papers for an article or to find a particular paragraph.

For every coursepack we

1. Obtain and pay all permission fees.
2. Pay you a royalty on every pack sold
3. Print page numbers.
4. Prepare a Table of Contents.

Convert your coursepack into a bound anthology at any time. We would then typeset each article.

A typeset, bound anthology gives the students the benefit of the heightened legibility and functionality of a book as well as the pride of being in the class with the author of the book. You accrue the benefits of authorship. These anthologies, like all our titles, are given ISBN identifiers, and are listed in Books in Print. Like most authors, the royalties you receive are considered self-employed income. Check with your tax advisor to determine if you would have tax advantages from self-employed income.